Co-Editor in Chief: Grace Blaxill

Grace Blaxill is from Princeton, NJ and is a junior in Pierson. As a Classics major, she's interested in pursuing research in ancient Greek lyric, linguistics, and queer lives. As a human, she's interested in finally getting to the end of her TBR list.

Co-Editor-in-Chief: Jisoo Choi

Jisoo Choi is a Davenport senior and Humanities major from Ellicott City, Maryland. She spends her time playing the viola, photographing old clocks at the Yale Furniture Study, and watching University Challenge. Her research and reading interests include the twentieth century avant-garde and contemporary literary fiction.

Managing Editor: Esther Reichek

Esther (she/her) is a Classics major in Branford College. Her research interests include late antiquity and Greek philology. She likes ancient languages and modern novels.

Executive Editor: Louie Lu

Louie Lu (BR ’23) is a prospective History and Classics major hailing from Vancouver, Canada. His academic interests encompasses many aspects of the humanities, but he holds an obsession with the history of classical antiquity and the long 19th century. Personally, Louie believes that the French Revolution is the most important and possibly one the greatest moments in all of human history. Thus, it comes as a surprise for his friends that he is a self-avowed monarchist.

Executive Editor: Daniel Ma

Daniel Ma (BF ’23) is from New York City. His interests include historical geography, Native American History, Chinese History, and ancient history/archaeology. In his spare time, he enjoys composing music.

Treasurer and P&D Director: Lane Fischer

Lane Fischer MC ‘23 grew up in rural Ellis, Kansas where he lived and worked on his family farm. Lane is interested in American history and politics, with a focus on the American community.

Director of Humanities Now: Marcus McKee

Marcus is Senior in Trumbull College from Chevy Chase, Maryland. His main research interest is in pre-Industrial history, especially Edo Japan. In his free time, he enjoys going on bike rides.

Social Media Chair: Maya Ingram

Maya is a junior in Morse College from Roanoke, Virginia studying English and Russian. While she is no longer a history major, she still has a special place in her heart for American colonial and Russian history and is excited to take more history classes at Yale. In her free time, she loves to climb, do yoga with Adriene, and sing in the Glee Club!

Assistant Editor: Lucy Gilchrist

Lucy Gilchrist (MC ’24) is a History major and Global Health Scholar from Portsmouth, NH. She sings with the Yale Slavic Chorus and likes to spend time convening with nature. Lucy also works at the Interdisciplinary Center for Bioethics, serves on the Yale Literary Magazine editorial staff, and leads first-year outdoor orientation trips with FOOT.

Assistant Editor: Sharmaine Koh

Sharmaine Koh (Silliman College '22, History) hails from sunny Singapore, so it's no surprise that she kindles a keen interest in East and Southeast Asian study, as well as conflict studies. Outside of the YHR, she is an armour officer in the Singapore Army and also Co-President of the Malaysian and Singaporean Association at Yale. Sharmaine is also currently part of STAND at Yale, where she marries her academic interests with her belief in the need for historical justice, women's and human rights. She also loves to play soccer, sing and explore nature, and cannot live without at least 2 cups of kopi o kosong a day (black coffee, no sugar, in Singaporean speak).

Assistant Editor: Katie Painter

Katie is a junior in TD majoring in Classics and Religious Studies. She is originally from Stow, MA, where she grew up on a working apple farm. Her research interests lie in all things Latin and Greek (especially in patristic texts, some of which she is currently helping digitize through the First Thousand Years of Greek Project at Harvard University's Center for Hellenic Studies). Outside of YHR, Katie is involved in linguistics research, serves on the Undergraduate Council at St. Thomas More Catholic Chapel & Center, and mentors high-school seniors through New Haven REACH. She also plays piano/trombone in the Davenport Pops Orchestra and is on the editing board for Helicon: the Yale Undergraduate Journal of Classics.

Assistant Editor: Lee Johns

Lee is currently at home in Chicago, Illinois on a gap year. When they aren't writing or ranting about Shakespeare, you can find them reading poetry, playing the flute, or poring over the letters of whichever Romantic poet they admire at the moment. They are excited to officially start at Yale next fall.

Assistant Editor: Daevan Mangalmurti

A native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Daevan Mangalmurti is a sophomore and likely EP&E major in Trumbull College. He’s excited to be spending less time on Zoom this semester. When he's not working on projects for the YHR, Daevan is likely to be found trying to organize a (non-alcoholic, of course) wine and cheese club.

Assistant Editor: Judah Millen

Judah is a first-year in Pierson from rural Northern California planning to major in Classics or History. He is interested in intellectual and political history and literature. When not doing his DS reading, he can be found trail running, drinking coffee, and debating.

Assistant Editor: Isabella Smeets

Born and raised in New York City, Isabella Smeets is a freshman in Morse College planning to double major in Classics and History. Isabella’s last research project delved into an Austro-Hungarian diplomat and his Latin translation of the Persian poems of Hafez. Isabella enjoys going for bike rides, writing creatively, and spending time with her family and friends.

Associate Editor: Fiona Benson

Fiona is a senior at Yale double majoring in American Studies and French. She is a member of Whim 'n Rhythm a cappella group, Yale Taps, and La Francophonie, Yale's French Literary Arts Magazine.

Associate Editor: Gage Denmon

Gage Denmon is a senior in Timothy Dwight majoring in Comparative Literature with a focus on the Russian language and was raised in the swamps and pine forests of Southeast Texas. Hoping to understand just how well creative writing can represent consciousness and the human psyche, Gage's primary area of interest is the intersection of literature and psychology, particularly in the works of Dostoyevsky and Southern Gothic fiction. On the side, he has a passion for learning about the development of political and philosophical ideologies and how they changed the material, cultural, and psychological environments they occupied. When he’s not reading, Gage spends his time outdoors, either lounging under a tree or rock climbing.

Associate Editor: Rachel Blatt

Rachel Blatt is a sophomore in Silliman College from Washington D.C. She is majoring in history and is interested in American, European, and Middle Eastern history. In her free time, Rachel loves to knit sweaters.

Associate Editor: Calvin Chai-Onn

Calvin is a sophomore in TD from Newport Beach, CA. At Yale he studies political science and history, with a special interest in political theory, medieval Europe, and American legal history. He enjoys telling anyone who will listen why the Star Wars prequels are not that bad.

Associate Editor: Sadikshya Ghimire

Sadikshya is a sophomore in Jonathan Edwards College majoring in political science and pursuing a Certificate in Spanish. She hopes to become a concentration major focusing on race, ethnicity, and politics and plans to study civil rights or human rights law in the future. Outside of YHR, she is involved with YULAA and the South Asian Society.

Associate Editor: Deirdre Flanagan

Deirdre is a junior in Branford College from Monee, Illinois and is double majoring in Neuroscience and History, with a European studies concentration. She is especially interested in Irish history, classical antiquity, and the history of science and medicine. Outside of YHR, Deirdre can be found cutting up mouse brains in the Pittenger Neuroscience Lab, playing golf, reading, and watching corgi compilation videos.

Associate Editor: Larissa Jimenez Gratereaux

Larissa Jimenez is a junior in Morse College. As a History major and Human Rights Scholar, her research interests include reproductive politics, migration, and incarceration in Latin America and the U.S. She enjoys creative writing, traveling, and playing with her dog, Rugo.

Associate Editor: Alexandra Halberstam

Alex Halberstam is a junior in TD from Ann Arbor, Michigan! She is majoring in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology and History of Science, Medicine, and Public Health. Alex loves to run, sit outside, learn new things, and explore New Haven’s many parks. She works with the Health Justice Lab at the School of Medicine, researching the relationship between incarceration, communities, and health. On campus you can find her exploring, playing trumpet in the Davenport Pops Orchestra, talking about voter registration with the Yale College Democrats, or tutoring with the Yale Undergraduate Prison Project.

Associate Editor: Julia Hornstein

A New Yorker born and bred, Julia is a sophomore in Ezra Stiles double majoring in History and English. In addition to the Yale Historical Review, Julia serves as a Print Associate Editor and Head Communications Director for the Yale Politic and also leads incoming first-years on FOOT trips. When she isn’t running late for her history seminar, you can probably find Julia working the ski lifts, reporting on rodeos for the Jackson Hole News&Guide or walking her two dogs with her twin sister. While quarantining with her family this past spring, Julia perfected her chocolate chip cookie recipe (and only burned two batches in the process).

Associate Editor: Oliver Huston

Oliver Huston (‘25) is a prospective Classics major from New York City. His other interests include opera and 19th and early 20th-century Russian literature. He is in Trumbull College.

Associate Editor: Aaron Jenkins

Aaron Jenkins is a Junior from Anchorage, Alaska. A student in Saybrook College, he studies modern imperial and colonial history, and plans to follow a career in public defense. He dreams to one day have a Five Star Island in Animals Crossing.

Associate Editor: Sarah Li

Ruoqi Li (Sarah) is a current junior at Davenport College majoring in Comparative Literature. Her academic interests include French and Russian literature of the 19th century, and she is passionate about studying languages. In her spare time, she is most likely to be found hanging out with her cat, playing minesweeper or trying to cook.

Associate Editor: Cynthia Lin

Cynthia Lin, a junior in Pierson College, is a Comparative Literature major in the translation track. She is interested in researching Chinese language and history. She is from Boulder, Colorado, but loves to spend most of her free time indoors drinking tea and reading or watching Chinese dramas.

Associate Editor: Endure McTier

Endure McTier is a senior in Saybrook college. She is from Atlanta, Georgia and is majoring in Philosophy with a concentration in Psychology. Her historical interests include French, Russian, and Ancient Roman history, with an emphasis on the lives of leaders and other notable figures. Outside of the classroom, she enjoys reading, traveling, and Pilates.

Associate Editor: Alex Nelson

Alex is a first-year in Silliman College from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, who plans on studying History of Science, Medicine, & Public Health at Yale and following the pre-med track. She enjoys learning about the interconnectedness of science and the humanities and is particularly passionate about human rights issues. In her very limited free time, Alex enjoys reading Russian classics, learning new languages (currently Chinese and Korean), and cramming as much useless information into her brain as possible.

Associate Editor: Isabelle Qian

Isabelle Qian is a sophomore in Pierson College and comes from Seattle, Washington. She is majoring in History, specializing in East Asia. Isabelle is interested in modern Chinese and Japanese history, literature of all kinds, and foreign languages. In addition to her work with the YHR, Isabelle enjoys singing in the Glee Club and reading short stories as a form of procrastination.

Associate Editor: Nicholas Rice

Nick is a junior in Pierson College from Sydney, Australia. He is an English and Philosophy double major pursuing certificates in French and Chinese. His research focuses include legal philosophy; contemporary critical theory; comparative French, English, and Chinese literatures; historical geography and political economy; and Jewish theology. Nick is an amateur lexicographer and began compiling dictionaries as a teenager.

Associate Editor: Gabrielle Sevillano

Gabrielle is a junior in Timothy Dwight College majoring in history. Her research centers on the Atlantic world, particularly the colonial Caribbean. Outside of academia, she enjoys playing the viola in the Davenport Pops Orchestra, reading, and enthusiastically championing her latest nerdy hyperfixation.

Associate Editor: Dexter Webster

Dexter is a sophomore in Davenport College hailing from New Orleans, Louisiana. He is planning to double major in History and Economics. Outside of the YHR, he serves as president of the Yale Chess Club, is a member of Yale Club Tennis, and helps as a peer tutor in the Economics Department. In his free time, he enjoys watching sports, playing board games with his suitemates, and doing some late-night reading in Bass Library.

Associate Editor: Rosemary Chen

Rosemary is a first-year in Benjamin Franklin College. Born and raised in Shanghai, she spent her past two years at a 12th-century castle in Wales, United Kingdom. Rosemary is a prospective History and Political Science double major, with deep interests in intellectual history, cultural history, political theory, development and peacebuilding. In her free time, she enjoys making various kinds of bubble tea, baking, hiking and growing plants and flowers.

Associate Editor: Caroline Parker

Originally from Lexington, Kentucky, Caroline is a freshman in Branford College. While she is undecided about her major, Caroline is interested in history and languages. In her spare time, Caroline enjoys reading, doing crossword puzzles, and traveling (and she cannot wait until it is safe for her to go somewhere new).

Associate Editor: River Sell

Hailing from Murrysville, Pennsylvania (just outside Pittsburgh), River is a first-year in Morse College and a prospective History major planning to concentrate in American history. He is especially interested in the Revolutionary period, the early Republic, and legal history. In his free time, River likes watching the English Premier League, keeping up with international relations, and arguing with his suitemates.

Associate Editor: Emma Yanai

Emma is a first-year in Davenport from Los Angeles, California. She's considering a major in history or American Studies, and in her free time enjoys watching sports (especially baseball!) and reading.

Editor-in-Chief Emeritus: Henry Jacob

Born and raised in New Haven, Connecticut, Henry (he/him) is a senior in Saybrook majoring in History and pursuing a Certificate in Spanish. Henry’s scholarly interest lies in Panama. He is conducting research on Panama’s role as a cynosure of imperial designs across centuries and empires. Now that Henry cannot travel to the archives, he has made his parent’s third floor his academic garret. When not meeting writing deadlines or responding to emails on the YHR account, Henry tries to convince his mom and dad to adopt a COVID cat. Henry promises that he will be diligent in cleaning the litter box.

Co-Managing Editor Emerita: Oona Holahan

Oona Holahan is a senior English Major from Los Angeles, CA. She focuses on Modern Poetry, with a particular interest in the work of Elizabeth Bishop. She loves studying literature and has recently developed an interest in Food History.

Co-Managing Editor Emerita: Sally Ma

Sally Ma, Pauli Murray ’21, is from Shanghai. She curated the inaugural exhibit of Center for Women’s History at New-York Historical Society. Her research on Betty Friedan won the Negley Prize.

Treasurer Emeritus: Christopher Sung

Christopher is a senior history student in Grace Hopper College and a proud native of Montgomery County, Maryland. At Yale, his research interests include both intellectual and East Asian history. With the guidance of Professor Valerie Hansen—for whom he has now worked two years as a research assistant—Christopher plans to write his undergraduate thesis on the controversial historiography of the Ming treasure voyages. His inquiry will focus primarily on British author Gavin Menzies' pseudo-academic, and yet commercially successful research on the maritime journeys of Chinese explorer Zheng He and seek to answer questions regarding the public's willingness to adopt dubious information against scholarly consensus. When at home, Christopher enjoys hikes at the Shenandoah Valley and visits to local Civil War battlefield parks. He lives with his mother and thirteen-year-old brother.

Graduate Student Mentor: Eva Landsberg

Eva Landsberg was a co-Editor-in-Chief of the Yale Historical Review in 2016-17. After graduating with a history degree in 2017, she worked in early childhood education policy before returning to Yale in 2019 as a Ph.D. student in the History Department. Her research centers on Early America and the broader 17th- and 18-th century Atlantic world, but she welcomes questions from undergraduates in any field about graduate programs or careers in history.