Isabella Smeets

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Isabella Smeets

The Theses Talks #5: William Horvath

Isabella Smeets discusses "The 1950s War on Narcotics: Henry Aslinger, the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, and Senator Daniel Price's Probe" with its author, William Horvath. Isabella Smeets (IS): First off, I was wondering what inspired you to study the federal narcotics policy in the 1950s? William Horvath (WH): It wasn’...

Isabella Smeets

The Theses Talks #4: Christina Figlus

Isabella Smeets talks with Christina Figlus about her thesis, "Our emperor and empresse." [] Isabella Smeets (IS): First, I was wondering what inspired you to write about Elizabeth I? Did you always have an interest in Elizabeth I or English history in general? Were you always...

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