In July 2020, YHR editors launched the journal's first mentorship program, titled Humanities Now. Geared towards New Haven students from 8-12th grade, this initiative seeks to demonstrate the value of understanding the past today. We centered our our first session this fall around voting. Thanks to the guidance and work Sarah Wessler, Coordinator for Community Programs in Arts & Humanities at Yale, and Claudia Merson, Director of Public School Partnerships at Yale's Office of New Haven and State Affairs, over 40 students signed up for this event. Edmund S. Morgan Professor of History Mark Peterson delivered a keynote presentation on the development of ballots in US elections from the 18th to the 21st century. Morgan Baker, Jisoo Choi, Henry Jacob Marcus McKee, and Lica Porcile served as facilitators. After this auspicious start, members of the YHR look forward to expand this project over the coming months and deepen its ties with the New Haven community.