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Self-Consciousness, Lordship, and Labor

By Aidan Campbell '22 Edited by Isabella Smeets '24 and Grace Blaxill '23 In “Lordship and Bondage,” Hegel explores the development of self-consciousness under the ideal circumstances, in an unequal environment, and finally through the activity of labor. Hegel believes that self-consciousness is a social act brought...

Cordelia: The Power of Language

By Freya Savla '22 Edited by Katie Painter '23 and Rosemary Chen '24 Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of King Lear ends with a stark grimness that propels an unsparing conclusion, taking not only the audience, but also the characters of the play by surprise. The deaths of...

The Hidden Prince: God as an Embodiment of the Machiavellian Ideal

By Alina Martel '23 Edited by Miranda Papes '21 and Gamze Kazakoglu '24 In a lecture hall brimming with first-year Yale students, eager to begin a semester of reading and discussing the best works the western world has to offer, Professor Bryan Garsten made an intricate, unsettling...

Afterlives and Agency: The Underworlds of Homer and Virgil

By Jisoo Choi '22 Edited by Esther Reichek '23 and Judah Millen '24 A callused hand thrice extended—a pale specter thrice rebuffed. The corporeal reaching for the shade, fingers quivering with longing—the eternally intangible slipping from the living grasp, driven away by the laws that...

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