The 1701 Project

The 1701 Project41

The 1701 Project is a venture led by The Yale Historical Review (YHR) that analyzes our university’s and our nation’s racist histories. Although not affiliated with The 1619 Project, we draw inspiration from Nikole Hannah-Jones and her colleagues’ examination of slavery’s legacies in the New York Times. In June 2020, we launched an ongoing program at the YHR, providing a space for repressed narratives at Yale and beyond.

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Henry Jacob

Anthropology for the World: A Conversation with Dr. Chip Colwell

Interviewed by Henry Jacob, SY '21 Transcribed by Rachel Sragovicz, TD '24 Dr. Chip Colwell is a leading educator and researcher. He serves as the founding editor-in-chief of SAPIENS [], an online anthropology magazine accessible to a wide audience. Colwell received his PhD from Indiana University and...

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