The 1701 Project

The 1701 Project42

The 1701 Project is a venture led by The Yale Historical Review (YHR) that analyzes our university’s and our nation’s racist histories. Although not affiliated with The 1619 Project, we draw inspiration from Nikole Hannah-Jones and her colleagues’ examination of slavery’s legacies in the New York Times. In June 2020, we launched an ongoing program at the YHR, providing a space for repressed narratives at Yale and beyond.

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Boldly Marching Forward: Black Men and the Coal Creek War

By Andrew Bilodeau Edited by Sarah Li '22 and Lucy Gilchrist '24 > “Although the mines are guarded, > The miners true and fair, > They mean to deal out justice, > A living they declare. > The corruption of Buchanan > Brought the convicts here, > Just to please the rich man > And take the miner's...

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