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As much as our Board loves reviewing, revising, and designing others' papers, we also conduct our own research. For this reason, we have created YHR Writes, breaking the previously sacred line between the author and the editor, the author and the reader. We hope you enjoy perusing through this collection of excellent essays from our members as much as we do.

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The Yale Historical Review

Root to Rise?: Hindutva and the Propaganda of Yoga’s Origins

Written by Morgan Baker, JE 21' Edited by Ale Andres Campillo, JE 21', Mary Tate, BK 21', Charlie Mayock-Bradley, PC 23', and Ellie Burke, SM 24' Introduction: Yoga Mythology and the Limits of Cultural Appropriation My 200-hour yoga teacher training program began on June 21, 2019, at the summit of...

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