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Judah Millen

Sexual Entanglement with Humans and Ghosts: Popular Understandings of Extramarital Relationships in Twelfth-Century China

By Yiyun Huang Edited by Maggie Grether, Felipe Prates Tavares, Michael Zhao, Carolina Melendez Lucas, and Gisela Chung-Halpern Introduction … 妇又至,曰:是贼太无情,相与好合许时,无一分顾恋意,忍弃我邪?宜速 反。黄不敢答,但冥心祷天地,默诵经。妇忽长吁曰:此我过也,初不合迷谬,至 逢今日。没前程畜产,何足慕?我独不能别择偶乎?遂去。其怪始绝。1 … The woman came again and said, “You bastard is...

The Yale Historical Review

Interview: Benedito Machava

Volume XIV, Spring 2024 Interview by Zadie Winthrop Introduction In this interview, I spoke with Professor Benedito Machava, a historian of colonial and post-colonial Africa and the politics of decolonization in his home country, Mozambique. We discuss Mozambique’s transition from the Portuguese colonial government to the Front for the...

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