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CAMELOT: Exploring the Link Between JFK and King Arthur

by Ciara Garcha Edited by Louie Lu BR'23 and Esther Reichek BR'23 “For one brief shining moment…(there) was…Camelot- and it will never be that way again”.1 [https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Creq04J-ATy1YVP-cg4ooaSVU9apMPCZBtDqeItqjZw/edit#bookmark=id.kkz564vcjca] Reflecting on her husband’s presidency...

The Yale Historical Review

Aesthetics and Politics: Tracing the Emergence of Liberal and Conservative Structures of Feeling in Alexander Pope, Edmund Burke, and Immanuel Kant

Pacta Sunt Servanda Volume IV: December 9, 2021 Written by Nicholas Rice Edited by Judah Millen Introduction This essay will investigate the connections between the aesthetic and political philosophies of Alexander Pope, Edmund Burke, and Immanuel Kant, arguing that we can trace in them the development of competing liberal and...

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